Barkestone Plungar & Redmile Parish Council

Serving the people of Barkestone Plungar & Redmile

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Clerk: Michele Jones
2 Wyfordby Lane, Stapleford
Leicestershire LE14 2SH

Parish Council Responsibilities

The Parish Council is part of your Local Government network, alongside Melton Borough Council (MBC) and Leicestershire County Council (LCC). Many matters relating to your village are dealt with by the main councils - for example, roads are the responsibility of LCC, and planning of MBC. However the Parish Council is always happy to intervene and facilitate in any Local Government matter.

Councillors are voted in every three years and are not paid. Their aim is to represent the residents of the parish and carry out duties to maintain and improve a healthy community.

The Council meets usually 11 times per year and meeting agendas and minutes can be viewed on this website. The meetings are open to the public. Specific area where the Parish Council has direct responsibilty for:

PLANNING COMMENTS - The Parish Council does not decide planning matters but it receives copies of all local planning applications and passes comment to Melton Borough Council on each occasion. The local knowledge of the councillors means that issues can be brought to the attention of the planning department in Melton Mowbray at the appropriate stage in the planning process.

PARISH MAINTENANCE - The Parish Council is directly responsible for maintaining the closed churchyard in Redmile. In addition the Parish Council owns various assets around the Parish which it is responsible for. These include the bus shelters, noticeboards, benches, and Plungar War Memorials

PLAY AREA - The Parish Council manages and maintains the Redmile Play Park, with the welcome help of volunteers

STREET LIGHTING - The Parish Council is responsible for the maintenance all of the street lighting within the villages of the parish, with the exception of Marshall Farm close in Barkestone

ROADS & FOOTPATHS The Parish Council arranges for the footpaths which are not on private land to be mown, and maintains a close liaison with the highways department at Leicestershire County Council to ensure any damage to local roads and footpaths are reported and repaired. Alternatively, use the following link to report a problem

LOCAL ISSUES - The Parish Council is actively involved in many other local matters that affect the area.