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Redmile By-Ways Update

During the past 2 weeks 2 further anti social activity incidents by 4x4 vehicles on the Redmile BOAT's have occurred - Byway Open to All Traffic. Groups of vehicles have been seen using te byways late at night, sounding horns, leaving gates open leaving litter, shouting at residents and leaving mud on the road. A video was taken of a group of 8 vehicles emerging from the Byway last at night this weekend. The video and registration number of at least one vehicle has been passed to the Police

The Parish Council would urge anyone who witnesses and is disturbed by this anti-social behavoir to report it to the Police immediately. Please report incidents even if you know someone has already done this.

There was a previous incident a few months ago where a resident was verbally and physically abused.

The use of the BOAT by vehicles is lawful however but if drivers engage in anti-social behavoir or commit offences, the Police can deal with it but they need evidence. A good idea would be to video or photograph the vehicles fromt the rear as they are leaving so that the number plates can be seen rather that the camera being blinded by bright headlights.

Regards, Ian Lowther, Chairman

Posted: Tue, 11 Jan 2022 13:32 by Michele Parker

Tags: Community